Creating Layout


HTML and CSS are the languages used to create web pages.

By placing an HTML and CSS file on a web server, you can publish a web page accessible by people all over the world.

HTML is responsible for specifying the content and structure of text and images to be displayed on a web page and is written using various tags.

CSS plays a role in defining the appearance of colors and layout. It also specifies the appearance of the elements described in HTML using properties.


Learning Objectives

HTML and CSS are used in all web pages. If you are interested in creating web pages, knowledge of HTML and CSS is essential.

If you can master CSS properties, you will be able to handle various screen sizes and create web pages that look exactly the way you want them to.

Once you have mastered HTML and CSS, you can create a portfolio site to share the information you want to share and your creations with the world.

Learn from Here

There is not a lot of knowledge required to create a simple web page. Start by using basic HTML tags to create a simple web page structure, then learn how CSS can be used to change the appearance of the page.

  • Understanding the Basics of HTML & CSS

    Get Started with HTML

    Get Started with CSS

    The Box Model

    Create the Layout of Page Elements Such as Headers and Menus

  • Understanding Responsive Design

    Media Queries

    Create the Layout for Tablets

    Create the Layout for Smartphones

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