Creating Web Pages

In this scene, you will learn how to develop a simple and original web page in a local environment and publish it onto the Internet.

Even if you have learned all about web page development using general materials, you may still feel uneasy when it comes to your original web pages. Learn the skills introduced here, and you will be able to develop and publish it with confidence.

  1. Creating Layout

    HTML & CSS

    HTML and CSS are used in all web pages. Learn a way to express and transmit the thoughts in your head.

  2. Setting up a Development Environment to Code Comfortably


    Editors allow you to write codes comfortably with features such as input completion and syntax checking. Find your favorite editor and develop your web pages efficiently.

  3. How the Web Works


    All web pages are built on top of the Internet. Therefore, basic knowledge about the Internet is required to publish a web page. Get ready to publish your developed web page to the world.

  4. Making Web Pages Interactive


    You may find the web page a little boring with just HTML and CSS. By adding JavaScript into your web page, you can create dynamic expressions in response to user operations such as clicking and scrolling. By preparing such tricks, you will be able to create web pages that are fun and convenient.

  5. Debugging Web Page Development

    Developer Tools

    When you are developing, there may be times when the layout breaks or JavaScript does not work as expected. In such cases, you can use the developer tools to investigate the cause. If you can find the cause and solve it yourself, you will be able to develop any web page you want.