Setting up a Development Environment to Code Comfortably


Editors or text editors are tools that are commonly used to write programming code.
Editors have features such as syntax highlighting, which detects and colors the syntax of your code; and code completion, which predicts the syntax you are about to type and shows you suggestions. These features can improve your development efficiency.

Editors also provide a variety of plugins to help you write code more efficiently. For example, automatically add a tab to uneven lined code, or jump to a function definition when a function is being clicked on, and etc. This is to help you work with repetitive and tedious tasks.

Another type of editor is known as Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which is a multi-functional editor that can compile and debug code, as well as test programs.


Learning Objectives

The use of editors makes coding more comfortable and helps accomplish tasks with higher productivity.

As a matter of fact, coding can also be done in Notepad. However, since Notepad is not a tool designed for coding, it does not have any features to increase the efficiency in writing code.

With the editor, you will be able to code comfortably due to syntax highlighting and code completion. You can also install plugins to add other functions as needed.

If you are not sure which editor to use, compare and contrast the extensions and features provided by each editor to help you decide.

Try using the editor to make your code more comfortable!

Learn from Here

In this section, we introduce Visual Studio Code, an editor which has the largest market share in recent years. It's lightweight, easy to use, and rich in features, so learn to use it well.

  • Setting up the Editor

    Install Visual Studio Code

    Setup AutoSave

    Setup AutoFormat

    Setup File Path AutoComplete

  • Understanding the Basic Functions

    Shortcut Keys

    Search Function

    Replace Function

Recommended Materials

  1. Documentation for Visual Studio Code

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