Expand the Range of Functions with Public API


API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is an arrangement for separating and using individual functions of an application.

A Web API is an API that can be called via the Internet using the HTTP protocol. The functions and data of a published Web API can be used from another application.

When using it, there is no need to know the detailed processing inside the API as long as you know the functions and the request/response format. To access the Web API, you need to specify a URI known as an endpoint.

To learn about the functions and the request/response format, refer to the documentation provided by the Web API provider. The most common response format is JSON, which is easy to manipulate programmatically.

In recent years, many Web APIs have been released to the public, and many applications have been created using them.


Learning Objectives

If there are public Web API services already available, you can use them to focus on developing original functions for your application.

Previously, it was necessary to create various functions of an application such as a login function or an email sending function by yourself. With Web API however, you can easily incorporate these functions into your application.

There are many other websites today that use Web APIs to provide a modern user interface. For example, the part that displays a map uses Ajax, which calls the Web API asynchronously to enable smooth operation.

Actively utilize public APIs to efficiently develop a variety of applications.

Learn from Here

Let's take advantage of Web APIs to add functionality to your own applications. First, let's use some free data to get an idea of Web APIs.

  • Trying Out Web APIs from the Client

    Understand How Web API Works

    Access Web API using Ajax

    Get a Handle on JSON

    Get Data Using Ajax and Display It on a Web Page

    Use Third-Party APIs and Display the Data in Your Own Application

  • Trying Out Web APIs from the Backend

    Use the http Module in Node.js to Access Web APIs

    Use Login APIs

    Use Mailing Services APIs

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  2. JSONPlaceholder - Free Fake REST API

    This is a site where you can try out the Web API for free, and practice using Ajax to access the Web API and handle JSON.

    JSONPlaceholder - Free Fake REST API


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