Terminal Operations

Operate a Computer More Efficiently


A form of user interface that allows users to interact with a computer visually such as clicking on icons on a window with a mouse, is known as GUI (Graphical User Interface). In contrast, when a user interacts with a computer with text-based commands, it is known as CUI (Character User Interface).

A terminal is a CUI tool that interacts with a computer through typed commands.

The commands used in the terminal are interpreted and executed by a type of program known as a Shell.

The type of shell varies from OS (Operating System) to OS. Therefore, the commands that can be used in terminal operations also differ from OS to OS. The most commonly used commands for development are UNIX/UNIX-like commands, which are standard on MacOS and can be used on Windows by changing the settings.

Terminal Operations

Learning Objectives

The terminal allows you to operate your computer efficiently.

Web application development involves installing libraries, manipulating databases, etc. These tasks are basically done on a terminal using command operations.

Although most operations can be done in a GUI, a CUI allows you to use shortcut keys and input completion for more efficient purposes.

In addition, you will need to learn about UNIX/UNIX-like commands, as UNIX/UNIX-like based operating systems are widely used in servers for publishing web applications. Almost all tasks such as setting up and checking the OS environment and applications are done in the terminal.

Learn about terminal operations so you can work more efficiently.

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Terminal operations are introduced mainly for UNIX/UNIX-like based operating systems. First, you should be able to visualize the structure of files and folders through terminal operations.

  • Understanding the Basics of Terminal Operations

    Get Familiar with the Terminal

    Understand the File Structure

    Manipulate Files and Directories

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