Cloud Services

Releasing Applications to the Cloud Environment


Cloud services generally refer to a range of services delivered that are on-demand over the internet to the customers. These services provide easy access to applications and resources, without the need for the customer to own physical hardware or to actively manage the internal underlying infrastructures. Some of these services provide a means for users to publicly publish their applications. To name a few, they are Amazon Web Services (AWS) by Amazon, Azure by Microsoft, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) by Google.

These cloud services provide options like storage, databases, and scalability support for systems of various traffic loads that are essential for publishing an application.

Server and network management can be done using the management console provided by the cloud services. In order to be able to use the management console effectively, you will need to have at least some basic knowledge in networking and servers.

Cloud Services

Learning Objectives

Before cloud services became popular, it was necessary to acquire servers and network equipment in order to publish a full-fledged application. On top of these initial costs, maintenance costs were also incurred. This makes it expensive to publish an application.

By using cloud services, it can be possible to reduce costs. When publishing an application you do not need to physically prepare a server, and the service can be started with a minimum configuration. During the operation of the service, it's also possible to quickly add in extra resources like memory and CPUs when needed, without the need to maintain the physical hardware.

Use cloud services to build an environment with ease of operation, and publish full-fledged applications!

Learn from Here

AWS is one of the most popular cloud service providers. From here, we will learn how to deploy a web page on AWS, and utilize other services like databases and APIs.

  • Building a Basic Web Application on AWS

    Deploy a Web Page on AWS

    Use AWS Lambda

    Create Web APIs

    Create a Database

    Call the API from the Web Page

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