Know What Is Needed for a Releasable Product

By the end of Scene 3, you will be able to develop an application with your team. Once the application is complete, it's time to release it.

Releasing a full-fledged application comes with responsibilities. In particular, when handling users' personal information, you need to be very careful not to leak any important information.

Learn the skills to release your applications in this scene and deliver safe and stable services to your users.

  1. Preparing the Server for Releasing the Application

    Server Configuration

    In order to deliver a stable application to users, it is necessary not only to place the application on the server and make it accessible, but also to determine the configuration of the server including its specifications and number of servers. Be able to prepare your server for the release of your application.

  2. Understanding the Communication Structure Required to Release Applications


    After preparing multiple servers according to their roles, it is necessary to link them together and configure them so that they can actually be accessed by users. Learn not only about HTTP and DNS, but also about how the servers communicate with each other, and prepare an environment that can withstand user use.

  3. Releasing Applications to the Cloud Environment

    Cloud Services

    Environment needed to release applications, including servers, can be prepared inexpensively and easily by using cloud services. Use a cloud service to release your application.

  4. Delivering Secure Services

    Web Security

    Releasing vulnerable applications on the Internet can lead to attacks that may result in the leakage of user information. Let's learn about application security so that we can confidently release applications that users can use with confidence.