Data Analytics Fundamentals

Improve the Application By Understanding the Usage


In order to find out more about the usage status of users after an application has been released, we have to perform some form of data analytics. Using data analytics, we may be able to find out potential issues in the system or ways to improve the application.

Let's look at an example of how we can discover problems or points of improvement via data analytics. For example, in a given e-commerce site, suppose you have an item that has low sales. Without data, it's difficult to narrow down whether the low sales were caused by unattractiveness of the product or if it's a problem inside the application.

Let's say for instance, we could have data that shows that the amount of page views of an item is low, we can perform certain measures to improve views on that item page, like reviewing the parameters of the recommendation functionality, or improving the usability of the items menu. Also, if we have data where the bounce rate is high, we can investigate if there is an issue with the application by looking at the response time of time periods where the bounce rate is higher than normal.

Data Analytics Fundamentals

Learning Objectives

It's not an easy task for developers to identify and remedy issues that are related to user dissatisfaction. However, if we were able to analyze data to understand more about the user base it may be possible to find out ways to improve user experience based on the insights learned from the data.

Having a good analytics platform will be indispensable on the path to make the service more appealing to users.

First, we will learn about data analytics infrastructure and understand what data is necessary to understand the current situation. With the data, you can then draw out and verify the hypotheses.

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Google Analytics is a popular data analytics tool. Here, you will learn about the targets and indicators of data analytics using Google Analytics before building up a data analytics infrastructure.

  • Learn the Basics of Data Analytics Using Google Analytics

    Learn how to Perform Data Analytics

    Configure Google Analytics

    Draw Graphs with JavaScript

    Report by Segmentation

    Set Goals for Web Application

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